The Colgar CT 6018 is a modern cutting machine for stainless steel flat bars that has recently been added to our machinery range. It enables us to supply our customers with perfectly cut stainless steel flat bars in a very wide range of thicknesses and lengths. What is more, the Colgar CT 6018 machine can cut stainless steel flat bars in as many as 7 grades.


Cutting flat bars

By using the Colgar CT 6018 flat bar cutting machine, we can offer our customers final products in thicknesses from 2.0 to 12.0 mm. The machine also allows us to work in the width range from 20 to 200 mm. What is more, we can cut even wider flat bars on request, but without edge rounding. The issue of non-standard widths of flat bars is individually agreed at the stage of quotation and ordering. It is also worth mentioning that the length range of the final product is between 3000 and 6050 mm.

The stainless steel flat bars cut with the Colgar CT 6018 machine are made in accordance with the PN-EN 10058 standard which specifies nominal dimensions and tolerances for the dimensions and shape of flat steel bars.

With the Colgar CT 6018 it is possible for the following grades of stainless steel to be machined:

  • 1.4301
  • 1.4404
  • 1.4541
  • 1.4571
  • 1.4016


Stainless steel flat bars

We can offer stainless flat bars in standard dimensions:

  • flat bars cut from a coil (smooth surface, matt) – from 3 to 15 mm thick and 10 to 200 mm wide
  • cold-drawn flat bars (smooth surface, matt, with sharp edges) – from 3 to 30 mm thick and 10 to 120 mm wide
  • hot-rolled flats (smooth, slightly rough surface) – from 3 to 50 mm thick and 10 to 200 mm wide


Flat bar manufacturer

We also carry out orders for custom-size flat bars according to your specifications.

By cutting stainless steel flat bars with the Colgar CT 6018 machine it is possible to finish the surface to the following standards:

  • 2B
  • 2E
  • 1D

As a manufacturer of flat bars, we maintain high stock levels, which means we can boast short lead times.

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