Pillow Plate – first time in Poland

Pillow Plate is an advanced, fully automated laser welding line and BTH Import Stal is the first company to implement it in Poland.

30 years of our experience in steel industry combined with the latest technology allows us to provide to our clients the highest quality of service, including consulting for the right raw materials and components for this technology.

What is Pillow Plate?

Pillow Plate is a method of joining stainless steel sheets. We bind them with laser spot welding that follows a digitally-designed pattern. The use of CNC welding machines allows us to choose freely among any shapes, connection points, fixtures and cavities.

How does Pillow Plate work?

The outer outline of the plate is welded in one run. It creates airtight whole and a pressure limit. The next stage is gradual hydraulic pumping. This way so-called pillow-construction is created. It has many advantages, like light weight, perfectly airtight construction, the endurance to be used under high pressure or profitable thermo-hydraulic properties (increased heat or cold transfer). The use of a “pillow” also results in low welding costs. In addition, Pillow Plate technology is very safe. It is able to transfer destructive pressures equal even five times the operating pressure of the cooling or heating medium. It allows joining sheets ranging from 0.6 to 2.0mm of thicknesses (overlay sheet) and 3-20 mm (main sheet). It also allows to combine materials from 8, 9 and 10 material groups – austenitic steel (304, 316, 321 etc.), nickel alloys and austenitic-ferritic steel. Heating and cooling jackets are perfect alternative to the time-consuming and expensive technology of making a jacket in the form of quilted elements, ducts or half pipes.

Heating and cooling jackets – advantages and application

Heating and cooling jackets are custom-made based on individual orders, depending on their predestination (heat exchangers, heating or cooling of food or industrial products and as chemical and pharmaceutical production plants equipment).

The large heat exchange surface as well as the turbulent flow in the cushions increase heat transfer and therefore shorten the cooling or heating time of the product. To the end user this means lower production costs.

We provide our knowledge and consultancy in the field of Pillow Plate heating and cooling jackets. If you need more information or help before placing an order – please contact us.

Pillow Plate - Heating and cooling jackets